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QB/WR Training
QB/WR Training

Sun, Mar 10



QB/WR Training

6th-8th grade QB/WR Training

Registration is closed
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Time & Location

Mar 10, 2024, 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

Upward, 9768 Warren H Abernathy Hwy Suite B, Spartanburg, SC 29301, USA

About The Event

QBU Elite QB Training

Date: March 10, 2024

Location: Upward Star Center

Time: 1:30pm-2:30pm

Grades: 6th-8th

Limited spots available. First 5 QB's and first 10 WRs.

QBs - Bring your own ball, cleats, and water.



There    are    certain    inherent    risks    associated    with    participating    in    sports    and/or    athletic    training    that    cannot    be    eliminated.     These    risks    include,    but    are    certainly    not    limited    to:   

 (1) minor    injuries    such    as    scratches,    cuts,    bruises    and    strains;    and    

(2)     major    injuries    such    as    injuries    to    the    eyes,    infection,    loss    of    sight,    joint    injuries,    back    injuries,    heart    attacks,    concussions,     paralysis    and    even    death.    Also    included    in    these    risks    are    the    same    or    similar    injuries    that    might    result    from    using    training     equipment,    actual    use    of    a    field    or    training    facilities,    the    acts    of    others    or    from    the    unavailability    of    emergency    staff    or     emergency    medical    care    (hereinafter    we    shall    define    all    of    these    risks    and    potential    injuries    as    “Risks”).   

 All    of    these    Risks    will     be    present    in    the    activities    that    you    and/or    your    minor    will    be    participating    in    at   QBU    Athletics (the    “Activities”).    HAVING     READ    THIS    PARAGRAPH and    having    an    appreciation    for    and    an UNDERSTANDING    OF    THESE    RISKS,    you    hereby    affirm    that     you    and/or    your    minor’s    participation    in    these    Activities    is    voluntary    and    that    you    agree    on    behalf    or    yourself    or    your    minor to     all    of    the    following: 

    1.    ASSUMPTION    OF    RISK    I, on    behalf    of    myself    and/or my    minor,    ASSUME    ALL    OF    THE    RISKS    THAT    MAY    OR    CAN    ARISE     OUT    OF    PARTICIPATING    IN    THE    ACTIVITIES,    INCLUDING    BUT    NOT    LIMITED    TO    THE    ATHLETIC    ACTIVITY    ITSELF,    USE     OF    THE    EQUIPMENT,    FIELD    OR    FACILITIES,    THE    ACTS    OF    OTHERS    OR    THE    UNAVAILABILITY    OF    EMERGENCY    CARE, as     well    as    those    Risks    described    in    the    preceding    paragraph.   

  2.    INDEMNITY/HOLD    HARMLESS    I, on    behalf    of    myself    and/or    my    minor    and/or    our    heirs,    personal    representatives    and/or     assigns,    also    agree    to    indemnify    and    hold    QBU    Athletics,    as    well    as    their    affiliates,    parents,    subsidiaries,    assigns,    partners,     attorneys,    members,    employees,    independent    contractors,    shareholders,    officers,    directors,    and    agents    or    any    producers,     investors,    cast    members    or    any    other    person    or    entity    associated    in    any    way    with    the    ownership,    operation    or    affiliation    with     recreational    facilities    and    the    creation,    production    or    distribution    of    QBU    Athletics-related    marketing    content    on    any    QBU     Athletics-owned    website,    harmless    from    any    and    all    claims,    causes    of    actions,    lawsuits,    arbitrations    or    proceedings    as    well    as     from    any    expenses,    judgments,    costs,    fees,    damages,    expenses    and/or    liabilities,    including    attorneys’    fees    incurred    in    defending     or    prosecuting    any    such    claims    brought    against    QBU    Athletics as    the    result    of    my    or    my    minor’s    participation    in    the    Activities.     I    hereby    allow    QBU    Athletics to    use    my    or    my    minor’s    image    or    likeness    without    current    or    future    compensation    for     marketing    purposes    related    to    QBU    Athletics.     

3.    RELEASE/WAIVER In    consideration    for    being    permitted    to    participate    in    the    Activities,    I,    on    behalf    of    myself    and/or    my     minor    and/or    our    heirs,    personal    representatives    and    assigns    HEREBY    RELEASE,    WAIVE    AND    DISCHARGE QBU    Athletics from    any    and    all    liability    associated    with    or    related    to    my    or    my    minor’s    participation    in    the    Activities    and    agree    NOT    TO    SUE  QBU   Athletics for    any    reason    resulting    from    or    associated    with    my    or    my    minor’s    participation    in    the    Activities.    This    waiver     and    release    is    intended    to    include    all    claims    for    injuries,    accidents,    illnesses,    or    property    loss,    whether    known    or    unknown    or     anticipated    or    unanticipated,    which    are    in    any    way    related    to    or    associated    with    the    Activities.    

 4.    NO    INSURANCE I,    on    behalf    of    myself    and/or    my    minor,    acknowledge    that    QBU    Athletics does    not    carry    insurance    on     behalf    of    myself    or    my    minor. 

5.    LEGAL    RIGHTS I,    on    behalf    or    myself    and/or    my    minor,    understand    and    acknowledge    that    I/we    are    surrendering    valuable     legal    rights    in    this    agreement.     

6.    SEVERABILITY I,    on    behalf    or    myself    and/or    my    minor,    understand    and    expressly    agree    that    this    agreement    is    intended    to     be    as    broad    and    inclusive    as    permitted    by    the    law    of    the    State    for    which    it    is    used    and    that    if    any    portion    of    this    agreement    is     held    invalid,    it    is    agreed    that    the    balance    of    the    agreement    shall    continue    in    full    force    and    effect    and    that    whatever    portion    is     held    invalid    shall    be    interpreted    and    construed    to    afford    as    much    protection    to    QBU    Athletics as    permitted    by    the    applicable     law.    



 I    am    the    parent    and/or    legal    guardian    of    the    above    named    minor    participant.    I    have    read    this    agreement    thoroughly    and     understand    all    of    the    terms.    I    understand    that    I    am    surrendering    legal    rights    on    behalf    of    the    minor    and    myself.    I,    on    behalf    of     myself    and    my    minor,    agree    to    be    bound    by    all    of    the    terms    of    this    agreement    and    also    give    my    consent    to    allow    my    minor    to     participate    in    the    Activities    described    herein.    I    release    and    agree    to    indemnify    and    hold    harmless    the    Releasees    from    any    kind     and    all    liabilities    incident    to    my    minor    child’s    involvement    or    participation    in    these    programs    as    provided    above,    even    if     arising    from    the    negligence    of    the    releases,    to    the    fullest    extent    permitted    by    law.    


  • QB's

    Price includes all processing fees.

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  • WR's

    Price includes all processing fees.

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